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How To Install Side Skirts Without Drilling Any Holes – [Effective Ways]

You always wanted to own a sport at some point in your life, right? Nothing to feel shy about that. We have all seen fast cars in streets or movies, and we all thought it would be nice if I had a car like that.

Now, what makes a sports car so attractive to a car enthusiast? Yes, the speed and the insides of the car are important, we know. But the first thing that your eyes go to is on the exterior of the car.

Side skirts are a very common attachment for any sports car. They give your car a more aggressive look and improve the design aspect of the overall car. So, how to install side skirts without drilling any holes?

If you own a sports car, you will definitely want to add side skirts with your car. But maybe you don’t want to drill holes in your car to mount the side skirts.

If you are looking for other ways to install side skirts to your car without drilling, then this is the place where you want to be right now. Today we will show you the method to install side skirts without drilling holes in your car with all the necessary steps.

How To Install Side Skirts Without Drilling Any Holes

Finding The Best Side Skirts For Your Car – Easy Informa Ions

Finding The Best Side Skirts For Your Car - Easy Informa ions

Side skirts are extra car parts that you can attach to the bottom side of your car. A side skirt will cover the lower line of the body from back to front. For regular cars, the side skirts are mounted on the door of the car. Other cars have side skirts all around the car.

Side skirts are normally made of metals. However, you can find some side skirts in the market that are made of rubber material. Different types of cars have supports for different kinds of side skirts.

Some car comes with modified body kits that have side skirts as default. But any car, fresh from the factory, is not supposed to have a side skirt on it. If you want to find the right pair of side skirts for your car, then you will have to be careful about these particular things.

  1. Length of side skirts: You will have to measure the length of your car. This will help you to get a side skirt that fits the length without any extension.
  2. The girth of the side skirts: The girth of the side skirts contributes some features to it. Suppose the girth is less, then the side skirt will be lighter. It also changes the outlook of the car.
  3. Material of side skirts: Side skirts are either made with metal or rubber. You will have to choose between the two based on your preferences. Metal skirts are more durable, where rubber skirts have greater flexibility. You can also get carbon fiber skirts if your car has carbon fiber body parts.
  4. Color of side skirts: The color of the side skirts can be the color of a car to make a match. On the other hand, the side skirts can have a different color which matches with the accent of the car for more dynamic color contrast.

Installing Side Skirts Worth It?

Installing Side Skirts Worth It

People may think side skirts are you for visual effects on the car. But there is much more behind installing side skirts. Various benefits can be gained just by installing the right set of side skirts to your car. Here are some of the benefits that you will get from side skirts:

  1. Side skirts will add high design value to your car.
  2. The physical appearance of the car can be changed using side skirts. You can make your car look more minimalistic or more aggressive by installing different types of side skirts.
  3. Side skirts give the car extra protection from external forces. If your car hits something, it is more likely to get hit on the side skirts than the main body.
  4. If the side skirts cover the full length of your car, you can get much better resistance to drag just from those side skirts.
  5. The side skirts alter the airflow around the car. This not only reduces drag but greatly improves the handling of the car.
  6. Side skirts also protect the paint job of the car in certain areas.
  7. Your car will get a more aesthetic vibe to it by having the new side skirts. It will surely turn the heads of many car enthusiasts.

Installing Side Skirts With 3MM Paper: NO Drilling Needed

Installing Side Skirts With 3MM Paper -- NO Drilling Needed

The best way to mouth side skirts on a car without doing any damage to the body of the car is by using double-sided adhesive tape. We recommend using 3MM double-sided adhesive tape for this installation method. This is the most efficient way of attaching side skirts without drilling any holes.

Drilling holes permanently damage the body of the car. But by using strong tape, there will be little to no damage to the car. Here are the easy steps for mounting side skirts using double-sided tape:

Step -1:

First, you will have found the right set of side skirts for your car. Look for a side skirt that has smooth edges all around. This will help the skirt to better attach to the body of the car. After getting the skirts, you will have to get the 3MM double-sided tape.


3MM makes double-sided strong acrylic tape. This tape from 3MM has very strong adhesive and attaches to anything when it’s stick to. This tape is also very thin and doesn’t add any extra length to the side skirts. You can find this tape in any nearby hardware shop, or you can order online.

Step -2:

Now, you will have to attach the 3MM tape to the side skirt. For this method, first, take your side skirts and clean them properly. Make sure there is no dust or other particles on the skirts. At the same time, clean the body of your car. Especially the part where you will be attaching side skirts to.

Also, you should cut the tape to the size of the skirt beforehand. Now, as soon as you are done with the cleaning, take the 3MM double-sided tape and open the adhesive of one side. Attach the open side of the tape to the backside of the skirts. Make to attachment smooth and make sure nothing stays between the tape and the body of the skirts.

Step -3:

If you are done with the previous step, now comes the final part, where you mount the side skirts on the body of the car. For this, you will have to remove the other side of the double-sided tape that has been previously attached to the side skirts.

As the adhesive on the tape is opened, line up the side skirts with the body of the car and press hard. You need to keep the side skirt pressed with the car body for at least a minute. This will allow the adhesive to attach strongly.

Step -4:

After keeping the side skirt pressed for some time, it will permanently attach to the body of the car. Finally, the installation of side skirts will be finished, and as you can see, there will be no need to drill holes in the car at all.


Side skirts definitely give various benefits while using a car. It is a must-have feature for many car enthusiasts. But at the same time, nobody wants to drill holes and damage their car.

That is why this process mentioned above will help those individuals who are thinking of installing side skirts in an alternate method. This method is very easy, and any car owner can use this process to get their car a new side skirt very quickly. I hope now you know how to install side skirts without drilling any holes.

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