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Cost To Remove Broken Exhaust Manifold Bolt – Explained

There is nothing more puzzling than a faulty bolt-on exhaust. If the exhaust manifold bolt of your engine breaks, you should go to a mechanic instead of trying to fix it yourself. Fortunately, he knows how to remove a broken exhaust manifold bolt, but it will cost some. What is the cost to remove broken exhaust manifold bolt?

Cost To Remove Broken Exhaust Manifold Bolt

Manifold Bolt Repairing Cost – ExplainManifold Bolt Repairing Cost - Explain

It is easy to remove an ordinary bolt, but it is more challenging to break a manifold bolt. This problem is because these bolts usually break in two directions.

  1. The bolt breaks in such a way that the side of it resides higher than the surrounding layer. A wrench won’t open it, however.
  2. It breaks inside, half of it comes out, and half remains. The remaining half goes underneath the engine’s surface.

There is no method to know precisely how much removal of the exhaust bolt will cost. Because the cost will depend on how the bolt broke and how long it takes to remove it. Furthermore, a lot depends on the model of your engine. It would be best if you calculated the bolt price after the faulty bolt has been successfully repaired. The new bolt, however, is very cheap. To remove it would be more expensive.

Even though it is difficult to estimate the exact cost, you can estimate how much it will cost to facilitate your budget management. We will consider three things here: the time of removal, the cost of the mechanic, and the price of the new bolt. Depending on the condition of the bolt, it will take longer or shorter to remove.

Bolt Remains Above The Surface

Bolt Remains Above The Surface

There’s a decent probability the car is likely to spare you costs if the exhaust bolt breaks on the outside. In the case of broken parts remaining above the surface, they are easier to remove and don’t take as long. The removal will take between 5 and 30 minutes. It depends on the broken part. It will depend on how skilled the mechanic is and how bad the bolt’s condition is. Ideally, let’s guess it for 30 minutes.

An experienced mechanic usually charges between $80 and $120 an hour. Others charge $50 per hour, which is considerably less. However, we recommend taking the vehicle to a skilled mechanic. These repairs are complicated.

Using a simple math formula, you now have to calculate the amount. For example, if the bolt breaks outwards, it can be removed in 30 minutes, and if the mechanic charges $100 per hour, each broken bolt costs $50. If you have more than one broken bolt, multiply the number by 50. Don’t forget to include the price of the new bolts as well. Manifold bolts typically cost $15 to $25.

Bolt Remains Beneath The Surface

Breaking and removing an exhaust bolt that gets stuck inside can be a very complicated and frustrating experience. It requires experience and creativity. Attempting to remove this type of broken bolt can be time-consuming. Although it cannot be specified, it takes an experienced mechanic at least an hour to remove damaged bolts.

If the situation becomes difficult, it is uncertain how long it will take. It’ll cost you $100 for each broken bolt if a mechanic can remove them in just one hour, just like before. But if it takes more time, the cost will be higher. A new bolt will also cost more. Exhaust manifold bolts cost about $25.

Free Removal Methods

Free Removal Methods

Please do not get excited because it is free, because it might not be for you. Many of us enjoy working on our cars, and we’re keen on finding out everything. To remove a broken exhaust manifold bolt is free of cost for car enthusiasts and engineers with experience working with different car tools.

Please make sure you’re familiar with operating the drill machine and welding machine before you try it. Lastly, you have to perform each operation perfectly.

Bolt Remains Above The Surface

Bolt Remains Above The Surface

When the exhaust bolt is broken but still on the surface, removing it at a low cost is convenient. As it’s ideal for attempting on your own, and the risks are much lower.

  1. First, take care of the safety stuff. Remove the engine from the body of the car if possible. And even if it’s in the body of the vehicle, it isn’t an issue.
  2. You will now need a Lock Wrench. Anything else won’t do. Lock Wrench is the only tool to use for this task. You can lock the bolt with it. The wrench can then hold the bolt tightly. Regular wrenches cannot.
  3. Hold the broken manifold bolt tightly with the Lock Wrench and lock it. Then apply force and rotate it to the left.
  4. Normally, the exhaust bolt is attached very tightly, and when broken, it attaches even more tightly. You should not expect it to open immediately.
  5. Try again if the bolt does not come off the first time.
  6. After a few attempts, you can remove the bolt.

Bolt Remains Beneath The Surface

When the bolt is below surface level, You cannot remove it with a wrench, screw driver, or another tool. The procedure is not specific. It’s not like there are rules. Different mechanics apply their skills. It doesn’t guarantee a perfect result.

Your experience will determine how well you complete this task. You should take your car to a mechanic if you don’t have much experience. You can, however, give it a try if you are confident enough. Here are two ways.

Using A Drill

Using A Drill

  1. Make a hole in the bolt beneath the surface, add a separate metal, and remove it. It’s that simple. Drilling in the center of the bolt is a key part of this work.
  2. It is essential to drill a shallow hole in the center before drilling in the very center.
  3. Drill a hole in the bolt. It will be more convenient for you if you can run your drill machine in reverse. The bolt will come out with the drill when you run it reverse after drilling a part of it.
  4. In case your drill does not have a reverse mood, remove it after drilling the hole. Then blow out the metal pieces with an air blower.
  5. Insert a small torque socket into the hole. Use a hammer to enter it.
  6. After that, open the Broken exhaust bolt using any torque socket size wrench.

Utilizing Welding

Utilizing Welding

Welding is the only solution for a broken manifold bolt that is not suitable for drilling or breaks during drilling. To do so, you must have welding experience.

  1. There are usually steel bolts on the exhaust manifold and aluminum on the exhaust frame. If you weld a metal bolt with a spare bit, you can use it to pull out the bolt. All welding will only work with steel bolts and will not harm aluminum.
  2. It would help if you first blocked the exhaust manifolds since you will be working with welding.
  3. We find it highly practical to use plasma arc welding here. Make sure to use bolts very carefully while welding the metal with the bolt.
  4. Be sure that you don’t weld the bolt to the exhaust manifold frame.
  5. Be sure to weld it in a manner that you can detach it later.
  6. After welding, let the weld harden for a while.
  7. Then, using a Lock Wrench, hoist up the welded part and remove the broken exhaust manifold bolt.

Final Thoughts

We are passionate about cars. To maintain them, we have to pay a bit of money. Whenever you find an exhaust bolt broken, determine where the bolt is damaged.

If the damage is on the surface, try replacing the bolt yourself. If the damage is below the surface, contact the mechanic. Regardless of how the exhaust manifold bolt breaks, it’s best to budget $130 to $150 for each broken bolt. I hope now you know what is the cost to remove broken exhaust manifold bolt.

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