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Sharpen Mandoline Blade: [Quick Easy Method]

Mandoline is a very popular day-to-day used kitchenware. Every household owns some version of a mandoline, and odds are you have your mandoline too. Mandoline is a heavily used tool that features one or multiple blades. The blades are the main part of a mandoline that gets used on a regular basis.

But with usage, the blade starts to wear out. The sharp edge of the blade becomes dull, and it becomes difficult to cut vegetables with it. So, how to sharpen mandoline blade? This problem can be solved by making sure the blades of the mandoline are sharpened regularly.

Now the question that comes to mind is that if it’s possible to sharpen the mandoline blade. You will be happy to know that it is possible to do so and you can do it by yourself at home. Today we will elaborate and discuss the different methods of sharpening mandoline blades.

Sharpen Mandoline Blade

Mandoline: Features And Functions

Mandoline: Features And Functions

A mandoline is mainly used to slice up food and vegetables. It is also known as a mandoline slicer. A mandoline is made of a long body and a blade. The blade is fitted in the middle of the long body of the mandoline. The process in which you can slice food goes like this.

First, take the food in one hand and the mandoline in another. Then drag the food along with the long body of the mandoline. When the food gets in contact with the blade, a portion of the food will be sliced, and it will get out of the other side of the mandoline. You can use a bowl under the mandoline to catch the sliced pieces of the food or vegetable.

Sharpen Mandoline – Removing Blades

Sharpen Mandoline - Removing Blades

In this process, we will be showing how to properly sharpen the mandoline blades by removing them from the mandoline using a sharpening stone. Here are the steps for sharpening the blade by removing:

Step – 1

For this procedure, the disassembly of the mandoline is needed. But first comes safety. To ensure safety, you will need cut-resistant gloves. These are special kinds of gloves that don’t cut even when you try to put a knife through them. This glove will help you to sharpen the blades more swiftly without having to worry about cutting your hands in the process.

It is also recommended that you use safety goggles. Sharpening any type of blade creates small portions of the blade to break out from the original body of the blade. These small blade residues may come into your eye contact and cause massive damage to your eyes. Safety goggles will help you keep your eyes safe while sharpening the blade.

Step – 2:

Now you will have to remove the blades from the mandoline. Normally the mandoline will have one big blade fitted in the middle of a wooden or plastic body. But there are different types of mandoline that feature more than one blade attached to it.

For this step, you will have to remove all the blades from the mandoline body as you want to sharpen them all. After removing the blades, you will have to clean them. As a mandoline is used in a kitchen, it is natural that the blades will have different types of food-related material or oil stuck to its body.

For a proper sharpening of the blade, it will need proper cleaning. To clean the blades, first, use warm water to wash out any dust or food particles. Then take a cloth and put rubbing alcohol on the clothing. Clean the blades with that clothing. The rubbing alcohol will clean most of the dirt from the blade surface. Then the blade will be ready for sharpening.

Step – 3:

This is the step where we sharpen the blade using a sharpening stone. There are different types of sharpening stones available in the market. They are also known as whetstones. A good whetstone with 1000 to 1500 grit will be enough for sharpening the mandoline blade.

To start sharpening, first put the blade on a plane surface. Now take the whetstone and start rubbing the sharp edge of the blade with the stone. You can rub the blade from top to bottom in a linear motion. Otherwise, you can rub the whetstone in a rotating motion on the sharp edge of the blade.

Keep rubbing the whetstone for at least ten to fifteen minutes. This will sharpen the blade and make the sharp edge very smooth. To test the sharpness, you can take a paper and try to cut it. If the paper cuts in one go, then you can be sure that the blade has been sharpened well. If the paper does not cut well enough, then you should continue sharpening the blade for a few more minutes.

Step – 4:

After you have finished sharpening, take the blade and wash it in clean water. Then dry it off using a clean cloth or hairdryer. Now take the blade and reassemble the mandoline. Make sure the blade is screwed tightly with the mandoline. Now wash and dry your mandoline, and it will be ready to be used with a sharpened blade.

Sharpen Mandoline Blade – Without Removing Blades

Sharpen Mandoline Blade - Without Removing Blades

Another method that can be used for sharpening the mandoline blade is by using a sharpening file. Different files with different grit ranging from 200 grit to 1500 grit are available in the market. These files are easy to use and can sharpen most blades.

These files are mainly recommended when your mandoline blade cannot be disassembled from the mandoline body. Or, if you don’t feel like removing the blade, then you can also use a sharpening file to sharpen the blade. The process goes like this:

Step – 1:

First, you will have to take the safety measures like the first method. Use cut resistance gloves to save your skin from getting cut. Also, use safety goggles if possible. After the safety measurements are taken care of, the next step is to clean the mandoline.

Step – 2:

In this step, you will have to clean the mandoline. It is recommended that you clean the whole mandoline, but give special concern to the blade, as we will be sharpening it afterward. Use hot water to clean any excess food particles and dust from the mandoline and the blade.

Now take rubbing alcohol and use it to clean the blades only. This will give a deep clean to the blade and remove any excess residue.

Step – 3:

Now you will have to find the appropriate file for sharpening the blade. A file with around 1000-2000 grit will do the job nicely. To sharpen the blade, first, take the file and put it on the sharp edge of the blade. As the blade and the file come into contact, start dragging the file up and down over the edge of the blade. Keep doing the same for a couple of minutes.

It will sharpen the blade and eliminate any rough edges if there are any. After the sharpening is done, wash the blade with the whole mandoline. Then dry the mandoline. Finally, the mandoline will be ready for cutting any vegetables with e newly sharpened blade.


The two methods mentioned above for sharpening the mandoline blade are both very efficient and effortless. Subsequently, either of the methods can be used to sharpen the blade of any kind of mandoline.

You should be careful that you do not overuse the whetstone or sharpening file as overusing might damage or even break the blade. With proper precaution, any regular person can easily sharpen their mandoline blade if they read the whole article thoroughly. I hope now you know how to sharpen mandoline blade.

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