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Easy Method To Sharpen D2 Steel – [Step-By-Step]

D2 steel is a modified version of regular steel. What makes it different from any other type of steel is that it has high resistance against wearing out. It is made with high chromium and carbon using air tightening technology. The various usage and benefits of D2 steel can’t be elaborated on in one article. So, how to sharpen D2 steel?

When the topic of D2 steel arises, another thigh comes to mind: What is the process of sharpening that D2 steel. Without properly sharpening D2 steel, you cannot make it into a knife. That is why we will discuss the methods of sharpening D2 skills and show you a step-by-step procedure so that you can follow the steps at home.

Easy Method To Sharpen D2 Steel

D2 Steel Features – Details Information’s

D2 Steel Features

The main feature of this steel is that it is made with grade A chromium. This makes D2 steel resistant to corrosion. It is also mixed with high carbon that makes it durable. Some of the features that make D2 steel special are:

  1. It is very durable and doesn’t wear off quickly
  2. Generally has high longevity
  3. Can be sharpened using sharpening tools
  4. Can be found in different shapes and sizes in the market
  5. It features a high level of both carbon and chromium
  6. The D2 steel has low durability when it comes to grinding
  7. D2 steel is used to make railway tracks, kitchen appliances, knives, cutlery, blades, etc.

Sharpening Methods: Stone vs. File

Stone vs. File

There are two significant ways to sharpen D2 steel. We have already learned how we can use D2 steel by sharpening it. The D2 steel is a very useful material, and it is very easy to sharpen too. The two methods that we will be showing today involves the use of sharpening stone and sharpening file.

You can use either of these instruments to sharpen any D2 steel product. The elaborated method and process of sharpening steel in both ways are given below:

Using Sharpening Stone

Using Sharpening Stone

Sharpening stone or whetstone is a traditional tool for sharpening blades and other metallic materials. A sharpening stone is found with different grit sizes in the market. Some have a low amount of grit for metals that are comparatively soft.

The whetstones with higher grit are more suitable for hard and rough metals that are difficult to bend or cut. Here are the steps for sharpening D2 steel using whetstone:

Step – 1: At first, you will have to wear safety gloves and safety goggles. This will protect you from the little steel particles that will come out from the steel at the time of sharpening. It is better to sharpen steel in an open place. A congested place may hamper the workflow and damage the process.

Step – 2: Now, you will have to make sure that there is nothing stuck on the body of the D2 steel material that you want to sharpen. If there is any dirt attached to it, then you will have to wash it off. You can also use rubbing alcohol for better cleaning purposes. Alcohol dissolves particles quickly and helps to remove small persistent dirt.

Step – 3: Now, you will have to identify which edge of the steel surface you want to sharpen. If the thing you want to sharpen is some kind of a knife, then you will already know that you will have to sharpen the sharp edge of the steel knife.

But if the steel that you want to sharpen does not have a sharp edge from before, then you will have to choose which side you want to sharpen. This choice will depend on what you want to make out of the D2 steel after you are finished sharpening.

Step – 4: Now, you will have to take a whetstone with a higher amount of grit. D2 steel is a very good variant of steel with high resistance capability. This steel will take a high grit whetstone to sharpen it.

After you have located the part of the D2 steel, you want to sharpen it, but the steel is in your hand. Before going to the steel, you will have to prepare your whetstone.

Put the whetstone on a plain surface and put some sharpening oil over the whetstone. Now take the steel and drag its edge from to bottom over the whetstone surface. Put pressure when you drag the steel. You will have to do this same procedure rapidly for a couple of minutes.

The more you keep dragging the steel, the more it will sharpen. After you have done with this process, the steel will be sharpened. Wash and clean the steel body before using it.

Using Sharpening File

Using Sharpening File

This process is similar to the previous process where we have used whetstone for sharpening D2 steel. Here we will be following the same steps. The only difference will be that we will use a sharpening file instead of a sharpening stone, also known as a whetstone. Here are the steps for sharpening D2 steel using a sharpening file:

Step – 1: You will have to ensure safety by wearing gloves and goggles just as the previous method. Then you will have to wash the D2 steel properly. Then comes the part where you will have to decide which part of the D2 steel body you want to sharpen. For a detailed explanation of these steps, read the first, second, and third steps of the previous method where we used whetstone.

Step – 2: Now, you will have to procure a sharpening file. Sharpening files are widely available in the market. You can find them in any nearby store that mainly sells hardware. Try to find a file with a high grid amount. After you have gotten yourself the file, it is time to sharpen the D2 steel.

Take the D2 steel and firmly hold it in one hand. Then take the file and drag it over the surface of the steel with very high force. Keep dragging the file up and down rapidly on the body of the steel. This will start to sharpen the steel edge. Now keep repeating this process for at least fifteen minutes. Finally, the D2 steel will be sharpened and ready for use.


D2 steel is a very high category decay resistive steel. It is used for various purposes, and most of the time, it needs to be sharpened. As you have learned the methods of sharpening D2 steel, you are sure to use them in your practice for your benefit.

It is highly recommended that you use both of the methods sequentially while sharpening D2 steel. It will give the steel a sharper edge and a smoother finish. I hope now you know how to sharpen D2 steel.

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