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How To Sharpen Cutco Serrated Knives – [Exclusive Idea]

The Cutco serrated knife is one of the most important kitchen utensils and a favourite knife for chefs. They can do all kinds of work perfectly, from cutting vegetables to chopping meat. It’s great for the perfect slice, and it’s safer and faster. So, how to sharpen Cutco serrated knives?

However, if your knife becomes dull, it will not be of any use. So it is important to keep the knife sharp in daily necessities. So how to sharpen a Cutco serrated knife?

How To Sharpen Cutco Serrated Knives

Can You Sharpen A Cutco Knife?

Can You Sharpen A Cutco Knife?

Yes, you can sharpen the Cutco knife in some easy way and without hard work. Cutco sharpeners are available on the market at low prices, and you can sharpen Cutco knives with them. A special reason for this is that the Cutco sharpeners are designed to sharpen any type of Cutco knife.

There are usually two types of sharpeners, one made of ceramic which is used for honing, and the other made of carbide insert which is used for sharpening.
Knives are an important tool in cooking. And here are some important tips to help you keep your knife sharp.
How to sharpen your Cutco knife and increase the durability of its blade?

All About Cutco Knife

All About Cutco Knife

A Cutco serrated knife is a type of toothed knife used to cut solid foods such as meat and bread. The length of the blade depends entirely on the knife design. However, its length is often between 5 “and 9”. The handle of the knife is durable because it is made from thermo-resin.

It does not crack easily and does not absorb its moisture. Its lightweight makes it stable. Cutco serrated knife is the first choice for chefs because it works with great efficiency and stability.

What Makes Cutco Serrated Knife The First Choice?

What Makes Cutco Serrated Knife The First Choice

It comes with a unique design and impresses with great performance. Its powerful toothed blade can cut any solid food perfectly. It’s easy to clean. Its teeth give the knife a special edge compared to other knives. So it does not fade very easily and does not require sharpening.

You can make it work again with a little effort behind it. The Cutco knife is made of 440A high-carbon stainless steel, that’s why the knife is powerful.

Why Does The Knife Become Dull?

Why Does The Knife Become Dull

Many people think that cutting food with a knife makes it dull, but it is wrong. Cutting boards are usually a major cause of knife dullness. But other factors besides this cause the knife to endure and cause numbness. Knives are not cleaned properly, are neglected and even used to open knife cans.

Its edges suffer when you cut something with a knife on the cutting board. However, indeed, its sharp edge does not go away at all but rather it bends backwards. However, it can be cured by the stroke of honing steel.

But the knife stops working when it falls for a long time even after being hit by the cutting board, and it is no longer sharpened. To retain this dull knife, its edges need to be crushed. And a sharp stone is used to do this.

Sharpen The Knife Using A Stone

Sharpen The Knife Using A Stone

Since knives are our daily necessities, it is important to sharpen them before they become completely dull. Dull knives may not work perfectly, and it will not work properly if it is never sharpened. Knives are made of different materials. But the Cutco knife is made of stainless steel.

For this reason, these knives do not become dull easily and are easy to sharpen. You can sharpen your dull Cutco knife with sharp stones.

  1. First the surface of the knife should be carefully rubbed with a soapy cloth. This makes the knife oily, which makes it easier to sharpen.
  2. Then place the sharp stone on a flat surface. Make sure it does not change its place when the sharp process is running.
  3. Then place the knife on a sharp stone at an angle of 20 degrees or slightly tilted to facilitate sharpening.
  4. Then move the stone in a circular motion from the tip of the knife to the handle. Do this on one side of the blade.
  5. Repeat step 4 on the other side of the knife. Both sides of its blade need to be sharpened in the same way for the knife to work perfectly. This will make the knife sharper and more durable than before.

How To Sharpen A Knife Using A Cutco Knife Sharpener?

The sharpener comes with angled edges that make the knife easier to sharpen. Because it ensures the knife is angled and does not break the teeth on the edge of the knife. It can be used by all types of people, especially left-handed people.

  1. Place the sharpener in a stable or flat place.
  2. Then hold the knife in one hand and the sharpener in the other.
  3. Place the tip of the knife where the sharpener has a v-slot.
  4. Then place the knife at a 45-degree angle and apply light pressure.
  5. When sharpening the knife, be sure to keep it straight.
  6. Otherwise, it will scratch the sides, which will ruin its aesthetics.
  7. Sharpening the knife in this way every two months makes the edge sharper and more durable.

Sharpen The Knife Using A Sharping Rod

Sharpen The Knife Using A Sharping Rod

A sharpening rod can sharpen your Cutco serrated knife. The sharpening rod looks like honing steel, but it is small and narrow in size. Since serrations come with different widths of different types of knives, it is possible to sharpen them without any hassle by sharping the rod.

  1. Pull the section of the rod attached to the edge of the knife, from the tip of the knife to the handle.
  2. Flush the rod from the bevel to get the right angle.
  3. No matter how you pull the rod on the knife, it will not damage the edge of the knife.
  4. However, do it carefully because it may slip and cut your hand.
  5. Stroke each serration of the blade 4-5 times. However, if your knife has 30 or more serrations, it may take a little more time and effort.
  6. When this is done, turn the knife over and stroke its flat surface on a sharp stone. It makes the knife smooth.
  7. Then wash and dry the knife so that it becomes as sharp as before.

How To Sharpen A Cutco Knife: Amazing Technique

How To Sharpen A Cutco Knife

Cutco knives need proper maintenance to prevent them from becoming dull like other knives. But you have to do something to make sure the knives stay sharp. Here are some general tips for your convenience:

Proper Use Of Knives

Paring knives are considered to be the most used knives. However, using the wrong knife for the wrong work can cause the knife to become dull quickly. For example, if you use a cheese knife to cut meat instead of using it to cut cheese, it will wear the knife faster. Utility knives are great for cutting and slicing vegetables. And thick-bladed utility knives are best for cutting meat.

The Cause Of The Cutting Board

The Cause Of The Cutting Board

The reason the knives are dull is because of the cutting board. The harder the surface of the cutting board, the faster the knives will dull. So be careful before taking the cutting board and refrain from taking surfaces like glass, granite, or Korean cutting board. Also, refrain from plastic cutting boards with hard surfaces.

Cutco polypropylene is best among plastic cutting boards for Cutco knives. Because it does not dull the knives and keeps them sharp, making them long-lasting.

Proper Storage

Proper Storage

The knife is one of the other important tools in the kitchen. So it needs maintenance and proper storage. So when storing these, care should be taken so that it does not break or scratch. Then it will not be easily damaged and will remain effective for a long time.

Many leave knives in the drawer but refrain from doing it as it damages other materials. But if you want to store the knives in the kitchen drawer, use the sheath clips. This will keep the knives from getting dull and protect you from getting injured.

So the knives have to be stored in such a way that they stay sharp when unused. Wooden blocks are very useful for storing knives and can also be kept at the counter. This will keep your knives from getting scratched.
However, if you do not have enough counter space, you can take the Cutco tray because it does not take up space, it can be hung on the wall.


I hope now you know how to sharpen Cutco serrated knives.

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