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The Selected Task No Longer Exists On Windows – How To Fix?

Task Scheduler works through Simple Windows Management Console (WMC), enabling you to perform regular tasks on the computer automatically. When you edit any work or text in the task scheduler, it is stored in the OS driver – C driver/Windows/32-bit system/Task – Also registers it at an address.

Right now open the MMC Task Scheduler, Windows will adjust the vault with the documents that are situated beyond the Tasks organizer, and assuming it’s not ready to coordinate with one, the mistake information “The selected task no longer exists on windows anymore on Windows 10. To view the current undertakings, select refresh” will show up.

To fix this problem, we have to have probably removed every single of the activities, or find the degrading one and remove it. The most convenient method to produce a brand new profile because it will remove all tasks.

The Selected Task No Longer Exists On Windows

The Selected Task No Longer Exists Windows –  Follow Guideline

The Selected Task No Longer Exists Windows

The majority of the alternatives I discovered were truly identical but had a variety of problems. I did, even so, discover the appropriate strategy for my issue. To clear up the problem, apply the following methods:

Solution 1: Make A New Profile

Make A New Profile

  • Click on the control panel or write control panel on the windows search box
  • Now click on action center
  • Now select the change action setting
  • Go to settings and then all profiles or accounts
  • Select the user account control and choose the option to add a new profile

If you want to add a Microsoft profile to your mail, enter your mail to create a local profile. Snap-On, I don’t have this separate sign-in data. Nevertheless, if you have some initiative and you can try not to lose it, then, at that point, you need to understand which job is fighting.

Solution 2: Find Out The Corrupt File And Delete It

Find Out The Corrupt File And Delete It

Open the work schedule and click ALRIGHT if prompted by mistake. If you are making the same mistake repeatedly, yet it is actually because of the measurement of the assignment, which is broken. Retrieve the “0” repository of the time you were requested to resolve the issue. This is the amount of action data that is out of back up in Windows Vault as well.

Start with the 1st file under Windows Task (Task Scheduler (Citizen) \ Task Scheduler Collection \ Microsoft \ Microsoft Window) and select all of the directory until you get “the selected activity error. Because this folder consists data that is not consistent with the activity schedule.

For certain exercises, you can work out which records prerequisite to be removed by contrasting the posting in the task with the rundown of reports in Traveler

When Job Scheduler conflicts with this blunder, it will not include exercises presently, so it delivers the undertaking of getting both in a state of harmony somewhat harder. However, if you have distinguished which submits subsist in the Data Folder, do not submits in the Duty Scheduler organizer, and erase those archives.

Solution 3: Delete The Unmatched Task

Delete The Unmatched Task

  • Open C driver and open windows folder and then system 32 and go to task.
  • Press the windows and R at the same time and write regedit on the box.
  • Now delete the unmatched task.

 Solution 4: Turn Of Hard Drive DDS

Turn Of Hard Drive DDS

  • Press the windows and R at the same time and write dfrgui
  • Now open the defragmentation window and choose the change setting
  • Now uncheck and choose ok
  • Select ok and restart your computer
  • If the same problem occurs again – C driver/windows folder/32-bit system/task/windows/ defragmentation
  • Now delete the file

 Solution 5: Reinstall Your Windows

Reinstall Your Windows

This method is actually the latest resource that, if nothing works, this method is going to recover all the problems with your computer. Install the repair using only an in-place upgrade to repair problems with the system without deleting existing consumer records.


There are many such unintentional problems to wear when using a computer. But there is always an option to solve out all the problems. So don’t worry, follow the solutions given to us and solve the problem. We hope that your problem will be solved easily by following these steps. I hope now you know what to do when the selected task no longer exists on windows.

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