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Ns1 Prefix – Everything You Should Know About

NS1 prefix refers to the primary name server. This type of name server address plays an essential role in surfing the website. You see the NS1 prefix when it is confusing to remember the IP address. Usually, people see the NS1 in the web address.

Mainly Domain has two minimum name servers. It is mainly designed as the prefix of NS. NS1 is the primary server name, and it is the central server. According to the 1st server name, the second server name is NS2, and after that, the 3rd name is NS3, and so on.

Ns1 Prefix


Name Server

Name Server

We don’t use IP addresses because of the advantage of Name servers. The name server helps us to show our domain name in the browser. So name server (NS) is very important to routes us to the desired website. When we enter our URL in a browser with the correct IP address, it translates the domain name.

For all the website’s names, we use the name server as a website server. And the server may be company hosting, own hosting, or virtual hosting.

Primary vs. Secondary

Primary vs. Secondary

The primary server and Secondary server are both used in web domain name server extension. The primary name server’s short form is NS1. So the secondary name server is NS2. These Name servers are crucial for replacing IP addresses.

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Combination With Name Servers With VPS

Combination With Name Servers With VPS

Using a Vps server with a name server is a poor option of combination. Because the VPS server has limited options, Web fusion recommends that everyone tie the host’s domain name with the name server. Such as:[[VPS IP Address]][[VPS IP Address]] .

Important Information Of NS1.

Important Information Of NS1

Online web activities are increasing day by day. Every day millions of web apps, websites are published. The programmer invents many unique techniques for upgrading networking and website data distribution systems. The customers now want a more quick, uninterrupted, and safe online business atmosphere because their business depends on it.

Application delivery environments are increasingly distributed and become complex. you need a way to manage this complexity to remain agile and efficient so that you can cope with the present challenging environment Unfortunately, the DNS infrastructure that powers this modern application ecosystem hasn’t kept pace with ns1 DNS. Application traffic management changes that ns1 powers the websites and applications you use every day.

The present NS1 DNS system is trying to show businesses with exceptional application experience that they are more powerful and modern. The programmers built an API-first cloud platform that integrates easily with DevOps practices and toolsets.

They also built a system where businessmen run applications businesses can use the platform as their primary or secondary DNS and can easily achieve redundancy with ns1’s dedicated DNS network for businesses that operate in the mainland. Know about: Namesilo Vs Namecheap

Nowadays, china ns1 helps address the unique application delivery challenges there without sacrificing global traffic management capabilities. Because a unified management plan offers actionable analytics and enterprise-grade security controls.

Besides, ns1’s patented filter chain technology supports modern traffic management, including global server load balancing across multi-cloud and hybrid environments VPN optimization. Moreover, Blue-green deployments migrating to software-defined infrastructure and more pulsar active traffic steering takes filter chains to the next level by using real user monitoring and custom route maps to deliver the best possible customer experience.

Because its exact routing makes it ideal for multi-CDN environments large-scale live streaming events. And also, it optimizes edge delivery ns1 routes traffic across a global secure anycast network.

It delivers exceptionally high performance and availability, resolving more than a trillion queries per month across 26 points of presence backed by 100% uptime. After all, Ns1 has developed the best application and access networking solutions for the world’s most demanding and innovative companies.


I hope now you know enough about Ns1 Prefix.

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