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How To Mirror Polish A Knife by Hand 7 Pro Tips For Beginners

Mirror Polishing your knife is unquestionably an arts and crafts skill that several people might have. However, as a skill, mirror polishing by hand is not that pretty simple task you assume. For that reason, most of the peoples are wondered to prefer it doing by own self.

They like to try to hire someone to do it for them. Furthermore, do you know the drawbacks of using a dull or oxidized knife in your kitchen? In my opinion, nothing can be worst than this if you have to pass your busy scheduling. However, if you can properly preserve and maintain your knives, you will get the possible best outcome. On top of that, how to mirror polish a knife by hand, you need few pro tips what I assembled for your assistance in this guide.

How To Mirror Polish A Knife by Hand 7 Pro Tips For Beginners

Learn The Basic Techniques of Mirror Polishing a Knife :

Learn The Basic Techniques of Mirror Polishing a Knife :

Well, there are specific straightforward methods to polish knives with a mirror finish. You can define mirror polishing by refining its edging to craft it viciously sharp. You might either think it is the elimination of nicks, including flaws. Nevertheless, your ultimate goal might be to end up with as razor-sharp the circumference of your knives as much as you can.

There are Particular Procedures you Might Follow are Given Below :

First-Step: You have to organize the flat stones and superior quality grinds wet or dry paper to chrome polishing like leather sharpen.

Second-Step: You might apply here the CC and DC stones to get additional effectiveness.

Third-Step: It’s better to pull down nearly all the micro bumps and concaves to apply the diamond side.

Fourth-Step: To eliminate coarser grit marks, you might also apply ceramic sides from the diamond.

Fifth – Step: I highly recommend employing up to 1100P European grit size earlier than sharpening with chrome polishing. Consequently, I also append you to utilize brownish ceramic to get the additional quality DC stones si. It will provide you a better finish rate rather than the white AC stones.

Sixth- Step: To get your desired Mirror polish, you have to wipe out the stones for drying using a polishing cloth. You might also use a paper towel in this regard.

Final-Step: You have to go over all the methods frequently until you acquire the preferred mirror polishing of your knives. To gain the perfect finish, you need to maintain the overall procedures whenever necessary.

Why Is Mirror Polishing By Hands Needed?

Why Is Mirror Polishing By Hands Needed?

  • There are significant reasons for hand-polishing knives. The first one is because if you are required to eradicate the flaws or nicks of your knives. These imperfections could be occurred after sharpening the blades.
  • If you want to eliminate the corrosion, marks, uneven tones, or scratches that might be occurred on your knives over time, it is required.
    Suppose you are intended to make an old-fashioned look.

Seven Pro Tips About How To Mirror Polish a Knife by Hand

Seven Pro Tips About How To Mirror Polish a Knife by Hand

Suppose you are willing to polish your hunting knives, pocket knives, kitchen knives, or typical knives; here are several Pro Tips regarding polishing your blades by hand. If you are enthusiastic about learning as a beginner, just go through the blog tutorial.

Would you please read it cautiously at the end as you will surely get the practical Pro Tips that might make your household tasks easier and time-consuming? I am sure that following all these tips will look after your versatile knives and keep them polished and shiny.

Tips 01: Ensure Cleanliness:

You have to utilize damp clothes and dish towels for drying the knives adequately while washing and use them once more.

Tips 02: Make it Spotless:

You need to ensure there could be no spot on the blade of the knife. You might use lemon juice, soft soap, white toothpaste, lukewarm water, a rough cleansing cushion, scrubber, cotton pad, and on the top of the polishing powder to make them spotless.

Tips 03: Rinse Carefully:

You have to rinse the knives with soap carefully so that they can do any harm carelessly.

Tips 04: Dry your Knives Perfectly

 Dry your Knives Perfectly

When you are pretty okay that the cleaning procedures are completed flawlessly, no marks or spots are visible.

Tips 5: Eliminating The Oxidation To Make Your Knives Shiner.

Tips 5: Eliminating The Oxidation To Make Your Knives Shiner.

It’s unbelievable hazardous to use your oxidized or rusty knives while eating or in the kitchen working. You need to eliminate the Rust immediately to get a brighter and sharper blade. Here are the simple ways how can you stop the rusts of your knives effectively:

Before applying the oxidation removing process, at first, you have to make a rust remover.
It would be best if you wrapped the knives with a dirt-free piece of cloths or rags.

Apply Vaseline, Autosol, kerosene, WD-40, or any branded polishing Oil to remove Rust. Lay a generous quantity of oil layer on its blades so that the corrosion will ultimately be infiltrated by it. Hence, it might be detached from the rag.
For eradicating any oxidization, you need to make other steel wool; otherwise, use rough cloths. In case of plenty of oil and dirt removal, I will encourage utilizing a hygienic polished fabric to remove it.

Tips 6: Apply Homemade Oxidization Dissolver

Apply Homemade Oxidization Dissolver

You can apply homemade rust remover to get the best result. The making procedures are given below : Formulate a thicker mixture using the sensible quantity of water, baking soda and utilize
the solution firstly to wrap nearly all the oxidized portion.

You might use an old toothbrush for performing mild and rounded rubs.
You can also add mineral oil that might make your knife polished. You have to use it frequently regularly for corrosion prevention once more time!

Now clean it with the lukewarm soapy water and dry the knives as well.
It’s pretty simple; just cover the exposed area with your homemade solution to wipe out the Rust for a long time.

Tips 7: Apply The Hand-Polishing Method

Apply The Hand-Polishing Method

You might clean your knife’s blade by hand in about eight to fifteen minutes while these possibly not excessively rusted and scratched. Perhaps it will take extra time if additional tasks ought to be applied to it. The procedures are the same as I stated above in detail for your better understanding.

Use dish soap, lukewarm water, knife-cleaning kit, scrubber, rags to clean and rinse adequately. After doing all these, just try a hygienic piece of clothes to dry the knives.

Final Words

It’s weird if you have to use rusty knives or make fruit decorations for the upcoming supper. The polishing is just the combination of three processes: dust removing, cleaning, and taking away the rusts of your regular used knives. I have given the Seven Pro Tips about how to mirror polish a knife by hand so that you can do it effortlessly. I hope you enjoyed it much. Happy knife mirror polishing by hand!

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