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How To Repair The Day/Night Shades In An RV

The day/night shades are window coverings that can be opened and closed to regulate the amount of light entering and exiting the RV.

The day/night shades are a must-have for every RVer, as they help to preserve the sunlight and prevent harmful UV rays from entering the camper. However, day/night shades aren’t immune to damage. Besides harsh weather conditions or misuse, damage to day/night shades can also occur due to broken parts or rips.

Day/night shade repairs require professional help from an RV mechanic. You’re planning a weekend or vacation in your motorhome. Everything is perfect until you decide to rest the day/night shades. The shades aren’t working, and you know it’s because of broken cord retainer clips. You don’t know how to repair RV day/night shades.

EOS has the solution for your daydreaming needs. This blog will tell you everything you need to repair day/night shades in an RV and restring your pleated shades from broken retainer clips. We’ll cover ways to repair day/night shades in an RV, what you will need, and the steps involved.

How To Repair The Daynight Shades In An RV

Ways To Repair The Day/Night Shades In An RV

Ways To Repair The Day Night Shades In An RV

The day/night shades in RVs are dependable and can be a valuable tool for blocking the sun or the moon. When they break, it is important to troubleshoot the issue and repair it as quickly as possible. You can take several steps to repair the day/night shades in an RV. The first step is to loosen the screws that hold the shades together, allowing you to slide them off the arm.

You can then replace broken screws with new ones using a screwdriver. Afterward, you can wipe down all the moving parts with a cloth and apply a light oil coating. Finally, you can adjust the tension on the springs until they are in their original position. If there is any damage, fix it before continuing.

1.Remove Broken Rv Shade

Remove Broken Rv Shade

Day and night shades protect your RV from the sun’s heat and glare. However, they may not function properly if they are damaged or broken. You can replace a broken shade with a new one, but you will first need to remove the broken one. Unscrew the old shade using a Phillips screwdriver. Remove any screws holding it in place with a screwdriver.

2.Remove Endcaps From The Top And Bottom Rail

Remove Endcaps From The Top And Bottom Rail

If the day-night shade in your RV is not working properly, you can take several steps to repair it. First, remove the endcaps from the top and bottom rail of the shade. This will allow you to access the shade’s motor and wiring. If the shade cannot move, it may be necessary to replace it. However, if the shade can fix using this procedure, it may only need repair. In some cases, day-night shades need to replace entirely.

3.Remove Cords From The Blind

Remove Cords From The Blind

If the cords of a blind have been pulled, it is possible to fix the shade without replacing it. You can sometimes reattach the cord using a needle and thread. However, this can be time-consuming and often requires constant attention. Other options include using glue or a special stopper designed for shades. These methods will ensure that the cords stay in place and prevent them from coming loose.

4.Attach New Cord To Spring(S)

Attach New Cord To Spring(S)

If the cords holding the day/night shades in place damage,d you can replace them with new cords. To attach new cords, first, remove the old cords by disconnecting them from the springs. Then, connect the new cords to the springs using a wire connector. Finally, put the shade back in place and reattach the cord covers.

Replacing worn or damaged cords with new ones ensures that your day/night shades stay in place and perform their function effectively. If you want to save money and reduce waste, consider replacing all your day/night shade cord covers once rather than replacing individual ones as they wear out. This will save time and reduce waste.

5.Replace Cord Bushings

Replace Cord Bushings

If the day/night shades in your RV begin to sag or if they become worn, the cord bushings are likely at fault. Replace these bushings to help restore the tension on the cords and keep the shades in good condition. Bushings are available in various sizes and styles, so finding the correct replacement for your RV is easy.

You can use a screwdriver, socket wrench, and a cordless drill to replace cord bushings. This is a quick, cost-effective solution to maintain your RV’s day/night shades. If you have questions about how to repair day/night shades, contact an experienced professional for help.

6.Restring The Pleated Shade

Restring The Pleated Shade

Restringing the Pleated shade is the most common repair in an RV for broken or worn day/night shades. Pleated shades are fabric stretched over a frame, and the string ties the fabric together. When the string breaks, the shade can become loose and fall.

If you have broken or worn day/night shades in your RV, the first step would be to take them off and check for any damage. If they are damaged beyond repair, it’s best to replace them with new ones. However, if you can replace the string, this would be a good way to repair them without having to replace them entirely.

7.Position Cords And Replace Rails

Position Cords And Replace Rails

If day/night shades in your RV are not working properly, they may need repair. Day and night shades help reduce the exposure of occupants to direct sunlight and save on energy costs.

There are several ways to repair day and night shades, depending on the condition of the wires and rails. You can position cords and replace rails to restore power to the shade and get it up and running again. For more tips on repairing day/night shades in your RV, check out our blog for some helpful advice.

8.Reinstall Retainer Clips

When day and night shades in an RV are not working properly, it can be frustrating for the user. This is especially true if the window shade cannot lower or raise. If retainer clips have been dislodged or become detached from the window shade panel, it is necessary to reinstall them. The retainer clips are easy to install and require minimal effort. Once the retainer clips install, the day/night shades will operate properly and look better than ever.

9.Reinstall Shade In RV Window

Reinstall Shade In RV Window

If you can’t open the shade or it is jammed, you may need to replace it. Alternatively, if the shade is broken or damaged, you may need to replace it. Reinstalling a shade in an RV window is a common solution for broken or jammed shades, as it provides privacy and allows light into the room.

Removing the screws that secure it to the window frame is necessary to install a shade. Next, slide the new shade into place and replace the screws. If you have trouble installing a shade, contact your local RV dealer for help.

10.Attach Cord Retainers To Wall

Attach Cord Retainers To Wall

Day/ Night shades are a common feature in RVs. However, they can be a safety hazard if not attached properly. One common issue with day/ night shades is that they can become detached from the wall. This can lead to blind spots and pose a risk to drivers and passengers. Attach cord retainers to the wall to fix this issue using a drill.

This will keep the shades attached to the wall and prevent them from becoming a safety hazard. If the shade does not seem to be attaching properly, try using a hammer to tap it into place. Attaching cord retainers to day/night shades ensures that these fixtures remain safely installed in your RV.

Why Do My Rv Pleated Shades Break?

Why Do My Rv Pleated Shades Break

The most common reason pleated shades break is due to failed wire connections. Pleats can stretch and break if the wires connecting them become loose or corroded. Another common cause of pleated shades breaking is obstruction of light. When the RV’s window shades close at night, the obstruction of light can cause the shades to break. Dust and pollen can also a factor in breaking pleated shades.

If the RV is parked outside for a long period, dust and pollen can accumulate on the shades, causing them to break. Finally, heat buildup can also be a reason for broken plates. If the RV is kept in a hot environment, the shade wires can become heated, which can also cause them to break.

What Do I Need To Restring My RV Pleated Shades?

What Do I Need To Restring My RV Pleated Shades

If your pleated shades are broken or damaged, restringing the shade is a quick and easy way to get them back up and running. All you’ll need is some sewing equipment and the fabric panels of the shade.

Take apart the shades and remove the fabric panels. Install new fabric panels and reattach the shade cords. Make sure all hardware is tightened and secure. Test the shade to make sure it functions properly. This should save you time and money, not to mention the hassle of repairing your Shades.

After Repairing The Day/Night Shades In An RV, What To Do?

After Repairing The Day Night Shades In An RV, What To Do

If you’ve repaired the day/night shades in your RV, checking the seals around them is important to ensure they are properly sealed. If any seals are damaged or missing, replace them with new ones. Repair any torn or damaged seals by using sealant or glue. Lastly, reinstall the day/night shades in the RV and ensure they are level and securely attached to the rims of the windows. Also, check the sunlight levels before adjusting the shades to ensure they are properly open or closed.


RV day/night shades block the sunlight from entering your RV while also allowing you to view the outside world. Restringing your RV day/night shades is a simple process that you can learn with a few pictures and instructions. You can find all the required materials at an affordable price in various online stores. Now, you know how to restring the day/night shades in an RV. It is time to enjoy the privacy of your RV.

Get restringing, and you’ll be able to restring the day/night shades in your RV window. Follow the above steps for restringing the day/night shades in an RV window. You can save yourself from the hassle and repair the shades at home easily by doing it yourself. Remember that repair kits are also sold on the same website where you can get restringing instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.How Do You Restring Day And Night Blinds On An RV?

Ans: Remove the screws that hold the shade in place to restring day-night blinds in an RV. Next, cut the rope, so it is long enough to reach from one side of the window to the other. Tie one end of the rope to the top of the shade and the other to a secure location outside the RV. Then, climb the ladder and pull on the rope to raise the shade. Enjoy your comfortable view.

2.How Do You Fix A Shade That Won’t Go Up In An RV?

Ans: Adjusting the linkage between the motor and the gearbox may be necessary if the shade won’t go up in your RV. Additionally, if the shade won’t go up, it may be necessary to replace the gearbox.

3.How Do You Repair RV Pleated Blinds?

Ans: When it comes to repairing RV pleated blinds, the most common way is to uninstall the entire blind and then install the new one in reverse order.

4.How Do You Restring A Single RV Shade?

Ans: Normally, restringing a single RV shade is a relatively easy task that anyone with basic sewing skills can complete. The following steps should help you repair the day/night shades in an RV:

  1. Remove the old strings from the shade.
  2. Mark the position of each screw on the shade.
  3. Catch the new strings with the right side of the shade facing out, and feed them through the screw holes.
  4. Pull tight on the strings to secure them in place.

5.Is It Better To Buy A New Or Used Part When Replacing The Day/Night Shade On An RV?

Ans: The most important thing to consider when replacing the day/night shade on an RV is to buy the correct part. New parts typically cost more than used parts, but they may last longer due to the quality of the construction. It is also important to ensure that the replacement part matches your RV’s exact make and model.

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