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How To Make Your Cars Air Conditioner Colder

There’s a good chance that you’re the owner of a car, which means you’ve got a system in place to keep the air conditioner cool.

Besides running the air conditioning system yourself, you’ve also got a plan to clean and maintain it. Using a make your cars air conditioner colder in the summer can be a real blessing for your vehicle. It helps to keep your car cool and prevent it from becoming too hot.

However, one system that most people don’t have is an understanding of how air conditioning works. Many believe that freon gas keeps the car’s air conditioning system cool. But is freon gas responsible for cooling air conditioning?

In this blog, we’ll dig deeper into air conditioning mechanics and answer the question, ‘How does a car air conditioning work?’ There are five ways to make your car air-conditioner colder and faster.

How To Make Your Cars Air Conditioner Colder

Why My Car A/C Isn’t Getting Colder

Why My Car A/C Isn't Getting Colder

When your car air conditioning system isn’t cooling your car’s cabin as efficiently as it should, there are several things you can do to help rectify the situation. One of the most important steps is ensuring the system is installed correctly and working.

This includes ensuring air filters are clean and functioning correctly and checking the hoses for any kinks or cracks limiting airflow. There could be a few reasons your car’s A/C isn’t getting colder. Here are a few of the most common ones:

  • The A/C unit is not working.
  • The air conditioner is not charged.
  • The air conditioner filter needs to be replaced.
  • There may be an issue with the cable or wiring behind the A/C unit.

5 Ways To Make Your Cars Air Conditioner Colder, Faster

5 Ways To Make Your Cars Air Conditioner Colder, Faster

Using a car air conditioner in the summer can be necessary, especially if you live in a hot and humid climate. But using one all year long can waste money and energy. An air conditioner is designed to keep your vehicle at a comfortable temperature by circulating air through coils and evaporators. There are several ways to make your car’s air conditioner colder and faster.

1.Replace The Cabin Air Filter

Replace The Cabin Air Filter

If your car air conditioner has an air filter, it’s important to regularly replace it to improve airflow and reduce dust and pollen. If your air conditioner has an automatic system, you will use more energy to cool the car if you do not replace the air filter.

Replacing the air filter will help make your car air conditioner cold faster and save you money on energy costs. Additionally, by replacing the air filter, you’re taking care of your car’s health and saving money in the long run. Besides, it’s good for our urban cities’ environment and quality of life.

2.Park In The Shade Whenever Possible

Park In The Shade Whenever Possible

Parking in the shade whenever possible is one way to reduce the heat exchange between a car’s surface and the sun’s rays, making it more relaxed and faster. You can also cover the windows with a towel or blanket to block the sun’s rays.

However, if you must drive in direct sunlight, keep your car parked in a cool place where the air conditioning system can work most efficiently. Finally, if you have the air conditioning on board and are short on hot air, use it sparingly to avoid overheating your car’s system. Following these tips can make your car’s air conditioner colder and faster.

3.Supercharge Your A/C System

Supercharge Your A/C System

To keep your car air conditioning system running at its best, regularly check your air filter, vents, and doors. Dirty filters or vent covers can reduce airflow into the car, making it harder for the AC to work effectively. When replacing your air filter, make sure to replace it every month or so to ensure that it is clean and air-transferring.

Ensure that you install the filter tightly against the cooling system fins and that there are no gaps between the system and the filter. Also, check your climate control settings and make necessary adjustments to keep the air conditioning system cold. Turning off unnecessary electronics when driving in cold weather will help save energy and improve the air conditioning system’s efficiency.

4.Don’t Switch To Max A/C Right Away

Don't Switch To Max A/C Right Away

We must remember that switching the air conditioning mode to maximum cooling significantly reduces the efficiency of the air conditioning system. Instead, it is best to use air conditioning at its lowest setting before switching to max cooling. Doing so allows the car’s air conditioning compressor to work more efficiently and keep the cabin cooler.

Additionally, it is important to keep windows and vents closed when using the air conditioner to save energy. By taking these steps, you can make your car’s air conditioning system run more efficiently and stay more relaxed during the summer.

5.Avoid Giving Your Car A/C Mixed Signals

Avoid Giving Your Car A/C Mixed Signals

It’s essential to avoid giving your car air-conditioning mixed signals. When the air conditioner is turned on, the compressor makes a noise. This can confuse the air conditioner and make it harder to cool down your car.

Instead, keep your windows closed when driving in hot weather and turn off the air conditioner whenever you get home. Consider using a portable air conditioner if you don’t have time to wait for your car to cool down.

These air conditioning devices are small and light enough to carry around with you and can always be plugged into a car outlet when needed. By staying consistent with these steps, you can ensure that your car’s air conditioning is working efficiently and cooling down your vehicle as quickly and comfortably as possible.

How Does A Car’s Air-Conditioner Work?

How Does A Car's Air-Conditioner Work?

When air is hot, it’s heavier than the surrounding air, so it sinks, and the air above it gets colder. This is known as air pressure. If this air temperature becomes complex enough, it will condense and become a liquid. This liquid refrigerant is what makes your car’s air-conditioner system work.

The compressor in the system increases the air pressure, cooling the air circulating the vehicle. After circulating through the system, refrigerant evaporates to create cold air for you to enjoy. The evaporator coils inside the system create cold air for you to enjoy. They’re connected to a refrigerant circuit that sends refrigerant from the compressor to the evaporator coil.

Hot air is expelled inside the car when refrigerant evaporates from the evaporator coil. This hot air is replaced with cold air is drawn through vents in your car’s dashboard and windows. The system works together to make your car’s interior as excellent as desired without using much electricity.


One benefit to making your car’s air conditioner colder is that it will keep you cooler in the summer months. When the air conditioning unit works at total capacity, it can produce much heat and noise. Cooling the car down allows the air conditioning to work more quietly and effectively, keeping you cool all summer.

Air conditioning is a necessity for comfortable travel and one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to keep your car’s interior cool. So, next time you’re looking to keep your vehicle cool and comfortable, opt for air conditioning.

Not only will it make your car’s cabin air feel more comfortable, but it will also make your vehicle run better and decrease fuel consumption. Besides, air conditioning can even extend the life of your system by reducing condensation and moisture buildup in your car’s cabin air system.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.What Is The Best Way To Make Your Car Air Conditioner Colder?

Ans. There are a few simple steps that you can take to make your car’s air conditioner colder. 1. Open the windows of your car and turn on the fan. 2. Ensure ample ventilation in the car so the cold air can escape. 3. Do not place objects between the air conditioner and the window.

2.How Do You Make Your Car Air Conditioner Cooler?

Ans. To cool your car down using air conditioning, you can open your vehicle’s windows and turn on the air conditioning. Alternatively, you can use a cold pack or ice to cool down the car.

3.Can You Change Your Car’s Climate Control Settings To Get It More Relaxed?

Ans. You can change your car’s climate control settings to get it more relaxed. To do this, open the climate control panel and navigate to the “Air Conditioning” setting. Change the “Fan Speed” set to “Low” and the “Temperature” assigned to your desired temperature.

4.How Can I Keep My Car From Getting Too Hot In The Summertime?

Ans. Here are a few tips to keep your car from getting too hot in the summertime:

  1. Open the windows and use the fan to cool down the car.
  2. Leave the windows down as much as possible when the car is in motion. This way, air conditioning can circulate properly.
  3. Ensure your car’s vents are clear of any objects or debris. This will help reduce the amount of heat trapped inside the car.

5.How Much Does It Cost To Cool A Vehicle, And How Long Will It Take For Me To Recoup Those Costs?

Ans. It costs around $60 to cool a vehicle using an air conditioner. The car will take around two hours to reach the desired temperature.

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