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How To Deep Clean Your Instant Pot – [It Looks Brand New]

Deep cleaning is essential to maintaining your cooker’s inner components. This helps ensure food does not dry out or lose its flavor as the dish sits over time. Deep cleaning also ensures the inner Pot has a fresh-tasting, odor-free base, so your dish tastes delicious when you finally cook it.

While the instant Pot comes with a cleaning brush, it’s best to clean the inner pool deep every so often to preserve its functionality and keep it odor-free and hygienic. There we are explaining how to clean deep your Instant Pot and the benefits of doing so. We will also cover the anti-block shield cleaning method so that you know how to clean it and what benefits you can get from it.

How To Deep Clean Your Instant Pot

What You’ll Need

What You'll Need

If you want to keep your Instant Pot looking new, it’s essential to ensure that you properly clean the cooker after every use. You will need basic supplies such as water, dish soap, and a cleaning cloth to clean your Instant Pot. For best results, it’s best to clean the cooker using a cleaning brush or cloth instead of paper towels or a sponge.

You can also use soap and water to clean the inner Pot of the range or delicate surfaces. Rinse the Instant Pot with cold water and then scrub it with a mild dish detergent. After cleaning, dry the Instant Pot and apply a coat of cooking spray before storing.

6 Easy Ways To Deep Clean Your Instant Pot Like New Brand

6 Easy Ways To Deep Clean Your Instant Pot Like New Brand

An instant pot is a pressure cooker with a built-in electric heating element, pressure regulator, and safety valve. It’s a handy kitchen appliance for cooking meals quickly and easily. The main advantage of an instant pot is that you don’t need to use any water or oil for cooking the food.

The dish can be healthy and delicious, even without added fat. You can use the instant Pot for cooking white-rice dishes, stews, hard-boiled eggs, yogurt, chicken thighs, white-meat fish fillets, and so on. Here are 6 Easy ways to deep clean your Instant Pot like new:

1.Clean The Inner Cooking Pot.

Clean The Inner Cooking Pot

Cleaning the inner cooking pot is one of the most critical steps in deep cleaning your Instant Pot. This step removes food particles, odors, and residue that can build up over time. You will need a steamer insert, detergent, hot water, and a sponge to clean the inner cooking pot. Alternatively, you can use the instant Pot Sauté feature for cooking your food in the inner cooking pot while it is still sealed.

All you have to do is place the inner cooking pot in the cooker and let it steam-cook the food inside. This way, the cooking juices, and flavor will be captured inside the jar. Once you have finished cleaning your Instant Pot, wash it properly and dry it out before storing it for future use.

2.Remove And Wash The Parts From Your Lid.

Remove And Wash The Parts From Your Lid

You can easily deep clean your Instant Pot using the same method as any other kitchen appliance. You will need to remove the lid of your instant Pot first and then wash it thoroughly with soap and water to eliminate germs and dirt. Let it dry completely before putting it back on the base.

For more stubborn stains and dirt, you can use a scrubber or a microfiber cloth to help loosen up the gunk in your Pot’s inner components. Afterward, use a toothbrush or an old toothpick to scrub away any food particles left behind gently.

3.Wash The Lid

Wash The Lid

Washing the lid of your Instant Pot is a crucial step to deep cleaning your appliance. The top comprises several parts, including the lid handle, the sealing ring, and the steam release valve. These parts are prone to wear and tear, resulting in a buildup of residue, odors, and food particles inside your Instant Pot. To deep clean an Instant Pot, you will need to wash these parts thoroughly to remove any dirt or residue that may be present.

Begin by turning off your Instant Pot and removing all attachments. Then, place it on a flat surface so that you can easily wash all parts of the lid. Rinse it with water and use a soap-free detergent for cleaning. Once all details are cleaned, dry them properly before reattaching them to your Pot.

4.Clean The Sealing Ring.

Clean The Sealing Ring

To ensure your instant Pot stays in top shape, it’s a good idea to clean the sealing ring regularly deep. This ring is one of the most challenging parts of the Pot to clean and will require some effort to restore it to like-new condition.

Deep cleaning of the sealing ring will help keep food from sticking to the inner surface of the Pot and help prevent the soiling of the valve. To deep clean, your Instant Pot, follow these steps remove the inner liner by unscrewing it from the base of the pool.

5.Clean The Instant Pot Condensation Collector And Accessories.

Clean The Instant Pot Condensation Collector And Accessories

To clean the condensation collector of an Instant pot,  remove the lid by pressing the release valve on top of the unit. Next, clean the condensation collector using a cloth or paper towel. After cleaning, place the condensation collector back into the inner Pot of the Instant Pot. To clean the sealing ring around the cooker’s lid, wash it in hot soapy water and dry it carefully with a cloth.

Additionally, to clean the inner Pot and walls of the cooker, wash them thoroughly with dish soap and water and rinse them thoroughly with cold water. To ensure your range is immaculate and ready for use, leave it in a bowl of vinegar for about 10-15 minutes. This will help remove any food particles or residue from the inner Pot of your cooker. Finally, wipe down the handle of the Instant pot lid to remove any lingering food particles or stains.

6.Clean The Instant Pot Base And Heating Element.

Clean The Instant Pot Base And Heating Element

When cleaning the Instant Pot, it’s essential first to clean the base and heating element. To do so, wash the floor with soapy water and wipe it dry before cleaning the heating element. Next, use a cleaning brush to clean the interior of the Instant Pot.

For tough stains, you can use a de-greaser. If the colors are more stubborn, you may need to bleach or steam-clean your bank. However, test a small area first to ensure the cleaning method won’t damage your Pot’s exterior. Remember that it’s best not to put pressure on the inner Pot while cleaning.

How To Use An Instant Pot For Different Purposes

How To Use An Instant Pot For Different Purposes

Using an instant pot for different purposes is easy. All you need to do is follow the cleaning steps mentioned above and use the appliance as per the user manual. Besides, the water-heating feature of the cooker makes it easy to clean and sanitize. Additionally, it is best suited for cooking food as it can pressure-cook, slow-cook, or even steam food.

The best way to use instant Pot is to read the user manual and carefully follow the cleaning and usage procedures. This will help you enjoy all the benefits of using this handy appliance.

What Are The Benefits Of Using An Instant Pot?

What Are The Benefits Of Using An Instant Pot

Deep cleaning your Instant Pot is relatively easy and can help your instant bank look Brand new. Cleaning your Instant Pot regularly will keep it running smoothly and prevent the build-age of food and bacteria. Additionally, cleaning your Instant Pot regularly will ensure the inner components are kept in good working condition and extend the pool’s lifespan.

Deep cleaning your Instant Pot will also remove all the gunk and residue that build up over time, making it efficient and easy to use. Lastly, deep cleaning your Instant pool is a quick, easy, and affordable way to keep it looking and working its best.

How To Clean The Anti-Block Shield

How To Clean The Anti-Block Shield

To deep clean the anti-block shield of an Instant Pot, follow the steps outlined in the above-highlighted points. Firstly, remove all food from the inner Pot and lid. Empty the water and dishwasher-safe cleaning solution into the inner Pot.

Then, lock the lid of the Instant Pot in place and turn it on to the ‘Manual’ or ‘Pressure’ cooker mode. Use a spatula to scrape off any burnt-on food from the anti-block shield of the inner Pot. Finally, wipe down the outside of the inner Pot with a damp cloth to clean it thoroughly. Once done, please turn off the Instant Pot and allow it to cool before storing or cleaning it as desired.

Is An Instant Pot Safe To Use?

Is An Instant Pot Safe To Use

An instant pot is a versatile kitchen appliance used for various purposes, from cooking food to making yogurt pops. Before deep cleaning your Instant Pot, please consult the manufacturer’s instructions. Use mild dish soap and warm water to deep clean your instant Pot.

Do not use harsh chemicals or abrasives when deep cleaning your Instant Pot. Always dry your instant Pot thoroughly before storing it. This will help ensure that the dishwasher isn’t necessary for cleaning the pool. When using the Instant Pot, keep the inner liner clean so that the Pot doesn’t become unusable due to residue buildup.


Instant pots are popular pressure cookers that quickly and easily turn ordinary ingredients into delicious, healthy meals. They’re an excellent option for busy people who want to cook dinner without spending hours in the kitchen. Just because your instant Pot looks new doesn’t mean it is. It is essential to deep clean your Instant Pot after every use so that it lasts as long as possible.

When dishwasher-cleaning your stainless steel pots and pans, they use harsh chemicals that damage the stainless steel surface. But with the help of cleaning products, cleaning an instant pot is a breeze. Following these simple steps to clean your Instant Pot deep, you can easily clean all the food and cooking areas. This will help to ensure that your instant Pot is always in working order and ready to cook delicious meals.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.How Do You Deep-Clank An Instant Pot Bowl?


  • To deep clean an Instant pot bowl, you will need hot water, dish soap, and a scrub brush.
  • Fill the Instant Pot with hot water and add the dish soap.
  • Scrub the dish soap around the inside of the bowl.
  • Rinse the bowl with cold water and let it air dry.

2.What Is The Fastest Way To Clean An Instant Pot?

The best way to clean an Instant Pot is by using a gentle, all-natural cleaner. You can use a liquid or paste cleaner. Wipe down the interior and exterior of the Instant Pot with a cloth or sponge. Rinse the Instant Pot with cool water and dry it off.

3.How Do I Clean The Rubber Seal On My Instant Pot?


  • To deep clean your Instant Pot, spray it with water and vinegar.
  • Wipe down the interior and exterior of the appliance with a wet cloth.
  • Next, use a damp cloth to clean the seal.
  • Finally, Dry The Appliance Off.

4.How Do I Get The Rotten Smell Out Of My Instant Pot?

Ans: To get the rotten smell out of an Instant Pot, you first need to remove all the ingredients and wash the Pot with hot water and mild dish soap. Next, pour a pot of boiling water into the Instant Pot, add a teaspoon of baking soda, and let it soak for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, remove the baking soda, rinse the Instant Pot, and dry it with a cloth.

5.What Is The Best Way To Clean My Instant Pot?

Ans: The best way to clean your Instant Pot is to use a dishwasher. Make sure to run the dishwasher on the hottest setting possible and add a little detergent to the machine’s water reservoir.

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