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45 Long Colt Vs 44 Magnum – Which Is Better?

The 45 Long Colts and the 44 Rem Mag are two of the most successful ammunition alternatives whether you love the strength, efficiency, plus sheer delight of huge handguns. Whereas both types of ammunition have a longstanding experience in the American West, which is preferable for your basic needs? Let us just compare the 45 Long Colt vs 44 Magnum.


45 Long Colt Vs 44 Magnum


About 45 Long Colt

About 45 Long Colt

The wild Us West’s golden generation has passed, with cattle hunts, golden grabs, with farmsteads rising throughout the terrain. You may, however, continue to shoot such as the guys that established the Western. The 45 Long Colt was introduced in 1872 and is widely regarded by far the most influential cartridge in post Civil Wars frontiers American.

This cartridge was a critical instrument for hunts, poachers, horsemen, explorers, ranchers, even warriors, as well as an excellent weapon for Native American soldiers. It was strong, inexpensive, and can be used in either handgun or handle weapons.

Nowadays, the cartridges are a favourite choice among collectors of vintage handguns, particularly those with a penchant for the American Southwest. It’s not really a display, though. It’s also an effective instrument for hunts with the subconscious, giving the same high-powered efficiency that got it so famous in the 1800s.

About 44 Magnum

About 44 Magnum

Clint Eastwood’s role inside the 1971 film Dirty Harry alludes to his 44 Mag shotgun shells S&W Series 29 as the much more deadly pistol on the planet.  It may have been correct before but not any more.

It is, nevertheless, not too far from reality. The 44 Remy Mag, modelled on the 44 S&W Superior, was developed in the 1950s. The idea was to develop an elevated cartridge as well as a handgun capable of handling it.

The cartridges quickly gained popularity from across the nation, and it is now used in individual goal and on hunting areas. It can also be used for self-defence.

 In 45 Long Colt And 44 Magnum – Details Information

 In 45 Long Colt And 44 Magnum


We’ve arrived at a point in which a definite differentiation can be made. In practically all similar circumstances, the 44 Rem Mag is a quicker cartridge. For every cartridge, Fed Superior, for instance, produces an American Eagle JSP round. The muzzle velocity of the 225-grain 45 Colt is 860 metres per second.

It’s going at 828 fps following 50 yards. These really are respectable figures. However, a 240-grain 44 Mag rounds from the very same line of products explodes out of the barrels at 1,230 fps and continues to move at 1,117 fps beyond 50 yards.

All cartridges are made by MagTech. The muzzle velocity of the 250-grain.45 Colt LFN is 760 fps, while the 240-grain encased softer touch is 1,180 fps. The tendency may be seen in a cartridge designed to handle weapons.  We can go on and on. However, the truth is evident. The 44 Rem Mag is the quicker cartridge.

Muzzle Power

Muzzle Power

When both cartridges have had the same bullets length and faster acceleration, the quicker cartridge could surely have a little more power. The muzzle energy of a 225-grain Americana Eagle 45 Colt is 369 foot-pounds, with 343 ft-lbs beyond 50 yards.

The MagTech 250 grain 45 Colts seems to have a muzzle velocity of 321 ft-lbs and sustains a muzzle power of 300 ft-lbs at 50 yards. The 44 Remington Magnum does indeed have a velocity component of 742 ft-lbs and just a muzzle power of 624 ft-lbs beyond 50 yards.

We can go on and on. However, the outcome is evident. The 44 Mag is certainly an ever more effective cartridge throughout the field.  A few  45 Colt bullets are much more powerful than some  44 Mag bullets, although you can purchase identical rounds from the same product category. The much more potent alternative is the 44 Mag.



To a certain degree, many gun enthusiasts are anxious about cost. Although neither one of those cartridges is considered a poor round, depending on where and how you buy them, they may typically be acquired for a decent cost.

There will also be cost discrepancies, and however, when you look at the whole picture, you won’t notice that someone is much more expensive than another. These cartridges can cost anywhere between $0.50 to $2.00 each shoot, depending on the quality. Many gun enthusiasts, it’s correct to conclude, did not chose one over the other based on price.

Capability To Transport

Capability To Transport

Whether you’re employing any cartridges for consciousness and home security, you’re simply worried about the season’s overall maximum load. Many recreational users prefer cartridges that can be filled with more ammo.

Some of these cartridges are abundantly observed in six-shot carbines. However, the tale for the 45 Colt stops there. The 44 Mag, on the other hand, comes in a multitude of quasi firearms, the much more famous of which is the Desert Eagle pistol. Owners of.44 Magnum weapons can easily carry to nine cartridges at such a time with any of these guns.

Factors For Self-Defense

Factors For Self-Defense

We tested every one of them just to lead to a better understanding of what to anticipate from these. We established an armour piercing ammo test utilizing Pure Ballistics synthetic gelatin. The Federal Bureau of Investigation shares a standard process to analyze self-defence ammunition.

A four-layer denim barrier was used. This implies it before penetrating the ballistic gelatin, and the ammunition would also have to cross via that obstacle.

Outcomes Of The Gel Test

Outcomes Of The Gel Test

According to the FBI’s testing technique, optimum penetrating through gelatin seems to be between 12′′ and 18′′. The 45 Long Colt excessively the ballistic gelatin during our testing, reaching around 24′′ into it. The 44 Mag penetrated one 16′′ gel block as well as came to a halt just as it penetrated the next.

Barnes’ 44 Mag performed very well too. We have seen little over.8′′ of growth after we removed this from the gel as well as examine it. Hornady Crucial Defence 185 grains 45 Colt ammunition sacrificed a little of its mushrooms, with something like a regained diameter of .6′′.

Naturally, these are all just two of the many payloads offered within every calibre. Both of the 44 Remington Mag and also the 45 LC are great self round. However, the 44 Mag outperforms them in our tests.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question 1: Is Indeed A 44 Mag More Excellent Potent Than Just A 45 Long Colt?

Answer: The 45 Colt seems to have a muzzle energy of 321 ft-lbs but also sustains 300 ft-lbs beyond 50 yards. Although specific 45 Colt shots are much more effective than some other 44 Mag rounds, the 44 Mag is by far the more potent alternative for identical rounds from another brand portfolio.

Question 2: What Is The Strength Of A 45 Long Colt?

Answer: A 250 grains bullets and an 860 fps muzzle velocity give 45 Long Colt cartridges 411 ft pounds muzzle energy. The 45 Long Colts seems to be a more effective cartridge. However, you receive seven bullets in the magazines rather than just six inside the cylinders when you use 1911.

Question 3: What Is The Price Difference Between 45 Long Colts And 44 Magnums?

Answer: Many gun aficionados are concerned about the cost to some extent. Despite the fact that neither of those cartridges is a bad round, depending on where and how you buy them, they can be had for a reasonable price. There will be price differences as well, but if you look at the big picture, you won’t realize that one person is significantly more expensive than the other.

Depending on the quality, these cartridges might cost anywhere from $0.50 to $2.00 for each shot. It is correct to assume that many gun fans did not choose one over the other based on pricing.


When someone intends to use the rifle for hunts, the 44 Rem Mag has higher strength and accuracy, making it even more ideal for a wide range of wild species throughout most conditions. Nevertheless, because the higher power causes greater rebound, the shooter who is susceptible to great may prefer the 45 Colt.

Several people probably suggest the 44 Rem Mag for personal defence as well as home protection. However, a bad-intentioned attacker or invader will be seriously wounded if shot by a shot from a 45 Colt. I hope now you know about 45 Long Colt Vs 44 Magnum.

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